Art Helps Cambodians

Poverty-stricken and vulnerable Cambodian Children need our help to live within a safe environment, get proper education, and get prepared for a challenging and successful life in the future.

If you love arts and you would like to collect, invest and enjoy work of art, acquire a portrait of a Cambodian child as listed on Children Portraits page, or commission a portrait of your child and pay 70% of the proceeds to Sunrise Cambodia who help the poor, vulnerable, HIV positive Cambodian Children and families.

Artist Abbas Mehran, inspired by the humanitarian work of Geraldine Cox, offers, through this website, his artworks for sale to support Cambodian children – through Sunrise Cambodia.

Geraldine Cox founded Sunrise Cambodia, which is “a first-class charity that helps at-risk children, struggling families and poor communities in Cambodia.”


A note from Geraldine Cox AM, founder of Sunrise Cambodia

Cambodian Children and Geraldine CoxI met Abbas when he contacted me in Adelaide to see if there was a way he could be involved with Sunrise Cambodia. He offered to paint portraits of the children and sell them with 50% (now 70%) of the profits going to Sunrise Cambodia.

As I had lived in Iran in the 1980s, Abbas’ home country, we really understood each other and before long he arrived in Cambodia to work and do just what he said he would do.

Apart from the amazing and touching portraits of the children, he designed and supervised the artwork on our round music building, named Sounds of Sunrise. The beautiful artwork includes sunflowers, animals and Khmer scenes with slogans that the children came up with, which were written in Khmer, English and Farsi, Abbas’ language.

He taught the children how to draw and paint and through this we discovered some really talented children who subsequently went on to follow their passion for the art that Abbas introduced them to. A few of them went on do Fine Arts Bachelor Degrees at university!

Abbas became a beloved mentor of the children and a confidante for me.  Through his kindness, commitment and desire to teach art he has shown the children at Sunrise Cambodia that there are others in the world who are dedicated to improving their lives and assisting them to grow in ways they could not ordinarily do in Cambodia.

I hope that you will see the love that has gone into his work and that you will want to support Sunrise Cambodia through his project.